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Peonies and Prose

Duverneuil's Debut Collection of Poems

Dragonfly Dances: Poetic Musings on Life


About the Author

Sandi Duverneuil's debut book, Dragonfly Dances: Poetic Musings on Life, is a collection of poems with themes ranging from family, cultural adjustment, nature, society, and more. 

Raised in the vibrant artistic community of Southampton, NY, Duverneuil's early exposure to a kaleidoscope of arts
and cultures sparked a passionate connection to both French and
Japanese traditions.

Sandi’s dream of immersing herself in the atmospheric charm of
France was fulfilled when she and her partner, G, packed their
bags and moved to the picturesque French Riviera. She has also lived
in Fukuoka, Japan where she taught English as a Foreign Language
to middle school students on the JET program.

Unlocking her creative zen through writing and painting, Sandi
has found joy in creating safe spaces for women to discover their
‘je ne sais quoi’ and share their unique stories.

Duverneuil’s debut book intricately weaves together the allure of
French and Japanese influences with the cultural tapestry of her
upbringing. The rhythmic pulse that infuses her creative process
is underscored by the eclectic playlist that accompanies her while
writing, creating a symphony of inspiration.
Sandi plans to share more life stories in her upcoming books.
Connect with Sandi on Instagram @peonies_prose, where she
is empowering women, one story at a time.


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